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https://geneseelandlordassoc.org/category/assignment-writing-service-australia/44/ Antique rug repair and rug restoration is our sole business. Our repair jobs are among the few top best in all the cities in California and Las Vegas. Years of experience in Persian and Oriental rug restoration, cleaning and weaving of unique and valuable rugs like Serapi, Oushak, Sarough, Heriz, Mahal, Bakhtiari… makes us an expert in our profession. We receive rugs for repair from all over the North America from dealers and regular households.


Artistic Repairs


http://snowdropfoundation.org/papers/custom-research-paper-help/12/ Valuable Persian & Oriental rugs are handled by the art department, which specializes in repairing tears and holes, as well as authentic restorations that are painstakingly tailored to the nature of the rug, beginning with identification of the type of thread in the right hue, to repair and dyeing with natural plant and mineral extracts.

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viagra online england The repair includes identification of the type of weft and warp knots used in the rug, manual restoration and renovation of fringes and end, based on the original and using wool, cotton and silk threads. go to link In addition, the department restores woven fabrics and cloth including handmade ones such as Suzani applications and embroidered and lace tablecloths. This craft is carried out by masters of the Persian, Turkish, Chinese and Indian techniques.

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the green mile book report The raw threads for repair are purchased from several suppliers around the world, located in New Zealand, Scotland, Persia, etc. When repairing antique rugs, our company works with suppliers in England and Germany, based on need, in order to purchase rug swatches woven in the right era and required weaving method.

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Fringe Stitching

Fringes are stitched across the rug, and can be restored by two methods. The first involves assembling prefabricated fringes. The second involves creating a restored base in the rug, with manual weaving of the fringe base as well as manual tying. In this manner, the fringe is restored exactly as in the original woven rug.

Holes,Tears & Worn Out

Repair Of Holes/Tears And Worn Out Areas In The Rug. In this type of repair, the selected weaving builds the base of the weft and warp threads that run the length and width of the rug. The missing motifs are then manually reproduced. The raw thread that matches the weaving is selected and dyed using the appropriate coloring and dying methods.

Restoration (Color Separation)

In rugs damaged by flooding that resulted in blending of colors, restoration (color separation) is carried out manually using natural materials that do not harm the quality of the color.


After every new rug has been woven, a starch-based material is sprayed on the base / back of the rug that makes it stiff. After the rug has been used for two years, the finishing becomes worn out, replaced by sand that sinks into the rug’s base and makes it hard. After removing the sand during the cleaning process, the rug becomes soft and the finishing must be renewed.

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