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Antique rug repair and rug restoration is our sole business. Our repair jobs are among the few top best in all the cities in California and Las Vegas. Years of experience in Persian and Oriental rug restoration, cleaning and weaving of unique and valuable rugs like Serapi, Oushak, Sarough, Heriz, Mahal, Bakhtiari… makes us an expert in our profession. We receive rugs for repair from all over the North America from dealers and regular households.

Artistic Repairs


Much like a car, rugs need to be repaired to overcome the effect of daily use and other tears over time. The side and ends of the rugs are in place to prevent the carpet from unraveling. When the side and limitations of the mat weaken, they require immediate rug repair to avoid the risk of cracking. The ideal duration of rig maintenance is 5 to 10 years for extended-lasting rig use for years to years.

Another frequently asked issue is whether mending rugs lowers their value. A good rug repair, done with ancient vegetable-dyed wool and perfect weaving, will always increase the value of a carpet, whether it is a new or an antique masterpiece. The issue arises when a rug is mended incorrectly, either using the wrong wool or weave or in a method that detracts from the rug’s original charm. Here, you can rest confident that it will permanently repair your carpets to the most satisfactory standard. We know how to care for all types of carpets – new and old – in a way that preserves their individuality and character after interacting with antique rug collectors for decades.

Common Rug Repairs

The sides and ends of your rug, where all four sides are bound as needed, are the most usual places for rug repair. Miraculously converts a soft, worn carpet into one that is not only durable but also unique. We “frame” your carpet into a long-lasting, stunning work of woven art, similar to how an antique picture appears frail outside of a decent frame.

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Fringe Stitching

Fringes are stitched across the rug, and can be restored by two methods. The first involves assembling prefabricated fringes. The second involves creating a restored base in the rug, with manual weaving of the fringe base as well as manual tying. In this manner, the fringe is restored exactly as in the original woven rug.

Holes,Tears & Worn Out

Repair Of Holes/Tears And Worn Out Areas In The Rug. In this type of repair, the selected weaving builds the base of the weft and warp threads that run the length and width of the rug. The missing motifs are then manually reproduced. The raw thread that matches the weaving is selected and dyed using the appropriate coloring and dying methods.

Restoration (Color Separation)

In rugs damaged by flooding that resulted in blending of colors, restoration (color separation) is carried out manually using natural materials that do not harm the quality of the color.


After every new rug has been woven, a starch-based material is sprayed on the base / back of the rug that makes it stiff. After the rug has been used for two years, the finishing becomes worn out, replaced by sand that sinks into the rug’s base and makes it hard. After removing the sand during the cleaning process, the rug becomes soft and the finishing must be renewed.

Order Process and Procedure!

  • 1. Call us for a Pickup

    Call us any time and we will pick your rug on your suitable time.

  • 2. Collect from Your doorstep

    The rug is picked up and transferred to our facility from one of our rug experts, and is insured by our company from the moment it leaves your home and until it is returned.

  • 3. Review the Rug and Procedure

    Once the rug arrives at the factory, it is first tagged, measured, and inspected for any apparent stains, tears, etc. The rugs are categorized by type and a decision is made regarding the most suitable type of cleaning.

  • 4. Six Step Processes of Cleaning

    1: Duster Machine, 2: Shampooing, 3: Rinsing, 4: Wringer, 5: Dry Room, 6: Storage

  • 5. Store and Deliver

    We store the rugs in our specially designed storage room where they remain until their delivery to you at your most convenient time.

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