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Rug Service Center Los Angeles, CA  understands that your Oriental or Persian area rugs can be a major investment similar to a work of art that appreciates in value with proper care and protection. Rug Service Center’s experience and knowledge will help protect your investment for the long-term.


We will correct stains, soiling and other damages to protect your investment bys expertly deodorizing, applying stain guard protection and moth proofing in our state of the art cleaning facility.


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Los Angeles Persian Rug Restoration - Rug Service Center

Our Mission


To put forward everything in our power to preserve the beauty and elegance of traditional rugs for a lifetime.

Our Core Services


The rug is picked up and transferred to our facility from one of our rug experts, and is insured by our company from the moment it leaves your home and until it is returned.

Once the rug arrives at the factory, it is first tagged, measured, and inspected for any apparent stains, tears, etc. The rugs are categorized by type and a decision is made regarding the most suitable type of cleaning for its nature and age, then our six step process begins.

Los Angeles Rug Repair - Rug Service Center

Our Repair Jobs Are Among The Few Best In All The Cities

Antique rug repair and rug restoration is our sole business. Our repair jobs are among the few top best in all the cities in California and Las Vegas. Years of experience in Persian and Oriental rug restoration, cleaning and weaving of unique and valuable rugs like Serapi, Oushak, Sarough, Heriz, Mahal, Bakhtiari… makes us an expert in our profession. We receive rugs for repair from all over the North America from dealers and regular households.

  • Artistic Repairs
  • Fringe Stitching
  • Repair Of Holes/Tears And Worn Out Areas In The Rug
  • Restoration (Color Separation)
  • Finishing

Residential And Commercial Persian & Oriental Rug Stain Removal

Spot cleaning a Persian & Oriental rug is beneficial. It keeps the rug looking good. It keeps the area rug looking good until you have time to call a professional to do the job. Remember, all Persian & Oriental rug manufacturers recommend having your rugs professionally cleaned at least once a year, or twice a year if you soil them frequently. However, cleaning your rugs too often can hurt them and shorten their life-span. One of the problems that we come across frequently is when homeowners attempt to do the cleaning themselves, leaving behind a terrible residue.

Also, keep in mind before you start spilling anything on the stain, as you may do more damage and costing yourself more money than if you had simply called us. We believe there are certain things that should be left in the hands of a professional that has the knowledge and experience to handle the situation.

Residential And Commercial Persian & Oriental Rug Color Repairs

Rug color problems arise from different sources and reasons including:

  • Environmental Fading
  • Bleaching
  • Staining

Some common causes are: bleach, cleaning products, soda products, pet accidents, food stains, wine, coffee/tea and the list goes on. At Rug Service Center we are dedicated to meeting our customers needs by offering the very best in rug color repair and correction with proven cleaning and dyeing techniques. Our services include:

  • Color damage repair
  • Color correction
  • Color maintenance

Residential And Commercial Persian & Oriental Rug Undepadding

Rug Pads are an essential support system for any area rug. Contrary to popular belief, area rugs wear from the bottom up. Rug pads act with several different functions, all at an attractive and affordable price. Aside from increasing the lifetime of your area rug, rug pads also offer safety. They decrease the chances that your area rug will slip, preventing possible injury. They also offer comfort. Adding a rug pad underneath your rug increases the softness and the cushion support when walking on your rug. Rug pads also act as a noise reducer. Adding a pad under your rug helps to absorb pressure therefore reducing noise of foot action across the floor. The addition of a rug pad is a smart way to invest in your valuable rug at an affordable price!

6 Step Cleaning Process


1: Duster Machine

Rug is dusted using compressed air to safely and thoroughly remove all the dry particles, dust, hair and other debris.

2: Shampooing

The rugs on both sides with special, organic shampoos. These are environmentally-friendly materials.

3: Rinsing

Rugs are rinsed by water back and front. The rug is thoroughly rinsed to remove all contaminates and odor.

4: Wringer

Rugs are extremely heavy when they are wet, So enter the wringer completed saturated and come out water extracted.

5: Dry Room

Rugs are dried in a computerized, temperature-controlled drying room that imitates the natural drying process.

6: Storage

We store the rugs in our specially designed storage room with controlled temperature, for delivery.

Persian Rug History


Within the depths of a Persian rug is the place where true Persian design is weaved and knotted together harmoniously with mythology. The motifs, form, pattern and symbolism in the Persian carpet speak the mythological language of ancient Persia.


What made Persia and Iran? It was the art of weaving and its culture that knotted Persia historically to become a “mirror of civilization”, long before Pazyryk.


In the Avesta, the holy book of Zoroastrianism, which was the prent religion before the arrival of Islam, Ahura Mazda is the central God and creator. There are certain passages (yasna 29.6 and 48.9) where Ahura is referred to as “Vafush” in the original Avestan.

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Professional Rug Cleaning Services in Los Angeles

Maintaining the beauty and longevity of your rugs requires expert care. Our rug cleaning service Los Angeles, specializes in bringing your cherished rugs back to life. Our skilled professionals are dedicated to providing top-notch cleaning solutions for all rugs, including precious Persian pieces.

Why Choose Us for Your Rug Cleaning Needs?

We guarantee that your rugs are treated with the highest level of care through our thorough cleaning procedure. We utilize advanced methods to clean rugs, ranging from light dusting to extensive washing and drying, effectively eliminating dirt, stains, and odors to revive your rug’s brilliant colors and unique patterns.

Expert Persian Rug Cleaning in Los Angeles

Persian rugs are known for their exquisite beauty and intricate designs. Our specialized Persian rug cleaning in Los Angeles focuses on preserving your valuable rugs’ delicate fibres and unique colours. Trust us to keep your Persian rugs looking stunning for years to come.

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Ready to revitalize your rugs? Visit our website and schedule your professional rug cleaning in Los Angeles today. Experience the difference with our expert care and attention to detail.

At Rug Service Center, we specialize in various services for antique rugs, including professional cleaning, repair, and restoration. Our experts handle delicate and valuable antique rugs with utmost care to preserve their beauty and integrity.

It may require repair if you notice signs of wear, fraying edges, holes, or damaged fringes on your Persian rug. Stains, color fading, or loose threads indicate that your rug needs professional attention. Our skilled artisans can assess the rug’s condition and recommend suitable repair options.

Rug Service Center stands out for Oriental rug repair in Los Angeles due to our unmatched expertise and dedication to preserving these rugs’ intricate designs and traditional craftsmanship. With years of experience, we offer meticulous repairs using authentic techniques and materials.

Our team of experienced artisans excels in antique rug repair and restoration in Los Angeles. We take great care to utilize traditional methods and materials, ensuring that the rugs are restored to their original beauty while preserving their value and authenticity.

The time required for rug repair depends on the extent of the damage and the specific type of service needed. Minor repairs may take a few days, while extensive restoration projects might take several weeks. Rest assured. We diligently provide timely and top-quality rug repair services in Los Angeles. We can provide a more accurate estimate after assessing your rug’s condition.

Rugs cutting and weaving

Order Process and Procedure!

  • 1. Call us for a Pickup

    Call us any time and we will pick your rug on your suitable time.

  • 2. Collect from Your doorstep

    The rug is picked up and transferred to our facility from one of our rug experts, and is insured by our company from the moment it leaves your home and until it is returned.

  • 3. Review the Rug and Procedure

    Once the rug arrives at the factory, it is first tagged, measured, and inspected for any apparent stains, tears, etc. The rugs are categorized by type and a decision is made regarding the most suitable type of cleaning.

  • 4. Six Step Processes of Cleaning

    1: Duster Machine, 2: Shampooing, 3: Rinsing, 4: Wringer, 5: Dry Room, 6: Storage

  • 5. Store and Deliver

    We store the rugs in our specially designed storage room where they remain until their delivery to you at your most convenient time.

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